Winter wonderland! (snow on Corfu)

The news even reached the international papers – it’s snowing in Greece! Now that’s not SO special for the northern provinces, like my previous place Florina, but yes – when DO you see a totally white Acropolis (without talking about the marble stone) or the island of Skopelos in meters of snow?? Indeed – never.
Also on Corfu it snowed and it became cold: -8o C in the night. That’s very cold for an island that almost never gets its temperature below zero (in comparison, in Florina the temperature went -22o C) and everybody here got into shock.

Everybody??? No, there still exists a tiny spot on the island where the inhabitants feel perfectly fine by this icy weather, even are glad to be saved from that rainy watery cold winter-weather and that’s around my house and stables.
Three of my four horses lived for years in Florina, number four lived in Naoussa and those are these northern places where horses start to think about their winter-coats in early September – so around December they move around like fat Panda-bears and laugh about the coldest frost. Snow is fun and invites to run AND roll!

In the meantime my horses are adapted to the climate here and wear much thinner winter-coats (so that I can still see the contour of their faces – haha) – although….last autumn they started again early with their coats (?) Wise old grannies did warn for a cold winter… I remember thinking, yeah a cold winter, well that won’t go below -2o C, let’s see. But indeed, the winter came in all her frosty cold and like I said – we’re not complaining! I have my wood-burner for a warm cosy home and my horses just lift up their furry hairs.

The fresh air makes them run joyfully when I take them from their open stables to their new grassy fields under huge olive-trees. ‘Can your horses handle the old?’ asked my worried neighbour, a true Corfiot and clearly struggling with the low temperature. Oh yes they can, just look at them – cool-headed, with nice and shiny bear-coats and always ready for a lovely hack out – this winter my horses are having a super holiday!

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