Springtime! Horses disappear in the luscious grass  – when they’re not racing and jumping around out of sheer fun. And they’re right – it IS wonderful to ride along all the flowers of this season – the wild iris, orchids and all those lovely roadside flowers in pink, white, yellow and purple – to watch the delicate blossom from almonds, pears, pomegranate and the fierce purple-pink colour of the quince against the blue sky…the yellow mimosa-trees in the villages….

Already a soft green appears on the naked branches of the trees, bees and birds are singing, temperatures are still nice and low – that is some 20oC – so perfect to hack out.

The horses get tempted to shake off their winter-coats  and I can fill whole duvets with their hairs if I wanted (but I don’t – haha!); I DO help them a little with a good brush every day and a sip of linseed-oil in their food.

Next week they say it will rain again and we need that for this green and flowery paradise to last – but it will be a nice soft rain, the horses will love it and so will we, because everything smells even nicer afterwards…

This blog sure feels dreamlike but so it is at this moment: Corfu in springtime is a dream…


(look for more springtime photo’s in the picture-gallery and/or on my FB-page and get in the mood!!)








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