What are the temperatures in northern Europe now? 10o?? Is the sun shining? Are the autumn-colours there, have we lit the stove, longing for a nice hot cocoa??
I am happy to live in a place where also seasons exist, because the whole year round blue sky and high temperatures – nah, that’s not for me.

But other than in my land of birth, the Netherlands, here I don’t get depressed when autumn is coming – finally it gets cooler and you are able to work in the daytime but it’s still nice with 23o and…everything starts growing and flowering again! Autumn over here is like a second springtime.

The grass grows back after the first rains and everywhere you see little flowers – mostly pink coloured this time. Little cyclamen, purple-pink heather and autumn crocus. Those are poisonous for horses and my fields are full of them but….all flattened by horses hoofs! My horses graze neatly around them – to them they’re not tasteful.

It’s time for the citrus-fruit and some trees even have flowers. The roses bloom and so does the canna, in a nice and fierce-full orange. A wild parasite nestles in a palm-tree like a chain of little bright-red lamps.

That’s the spring part. Autumn-colours show themselves in vineyards and the leaves of deciduous trees. All kinds of mushrooms pop up. But even summer is still here, in the form of a still warm sea…
And there’s noise again, the whistling of birds – they were wiped out by the heat, but now they take revanche!

October on Corfu can be a rainy month, but you get lush fields in return. November is also still warm, 20o, sunshine, sea, flowers…there are still flights coming in, some even with just one stop on the way. My accommodations are open year-round, so is the car-rental.
In other words: enjoy my autumn-photo and for now or next year:

come and try a riding-holiday in our spring-like autumn!!

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