Hacking out

Where I’m situated on Corfu, it used to be all farmland: of course the olive-groves and vineyards, but also fields full of grass for the cattle (sheep/goats/cows) and smaller fields with vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, beans.

Now with the crisis people start to farm again, but the bigger activities have been exchanged for the work in tourism.

Why these stories – well, near my place there still exist loads of so-called ‘monopathia’ (= one-person-road – or goat-paths) but they’re not used anymore hence completely overgrown! Though it is worth the effort cleaning them, because they lead ‘off-road’ towards the next village or a bigger dirt-road.

Simba knows all about it – patiently he grazes while I cut all those branches on ‘riders-height’. NOW is the time for it, cause normally everything just grows like an idiot around here. With this august heat now everything gets dried out.

Also the hunters (grrrrr – do hate them) help to open the small paths AND the farmers help, now they’ve harvested their olives this year. That usually happens once in every two year.

Right – going out with my horses you might think we find ourselves in a total jungle, but STILL there will be a hidden path under the hoofs! The photo might give you an idea.

In addition to this I do have nice roads to canter on – it’s not all crawling-and-sneaking-through over here.
AND we will do some clambering, what Zina still finds a little awkward – being born on the flat land around Naoussa, but she also slowly gets the hang on it…

In short – come and experience it!

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