In search of the Durrells

Corfu is also ‘Durrell-island’ , that famous lot of the book ‘My family and other animals’ by Gerald Durrell. And more even now that they are making a television-series of this story on Corfu. When the crew is here, the whole island lives in the buzz of film-making glory. The so-called set-managers go on research for the different villas the family lived in through the years and there we link in with our horse-trails: one of those Durrell-houses lies on the lake-side that we visit on horseback.

So off we go – still early spring – for a lovely day-ride towards the lake. We’ve filled the saddle-bags with drinks, sandwiches and the basic necessaries for a long trip on the road, the head-collars and the ropes for tethering go on the horse’s necks. We follow goat-tracks and after crossing the road towards seaside-village Paleokastritsa we descend towards the ‘Gavrolimni’ the lake of the sprat. Several nice little roads lead us towards the lake, sometimes surrounded by still swampy grassland, sometimes hidden behind big bushes of reed.

But we’re not out for fishing, we love to see one of the houses that appear in the Durrell-film and have our lunch over there. The sun has come out, the horses feast on the young grass and we relax between them.

On the way back we visit the beautiful situated church of Agios Nikolaos and admire the view, before returning through forests of olive-trees and over little village-roads towards the Paleokastritsa-road. Crossing that road means leaving the wonderful surroundings of the lake behind us, but before us awaits still enough nature before our return at the stables.


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