The horses

My horses are holiday horses, not race-, dressage- or jumping-horses, but trustful characters that will give you pleasure riding out.
True travel-companions, so to say.

Riding-experience is needed with them, because although they are all well-mannered, they are full of life.
Each horse is well-trained; they walk on the bit and listen to the riders leg-aids.

Simba, Shiva, Shakira and Zina live in a natural group. This has a good effect on their minds and temperament.
It truly is nice being with them; they relax you and energize you at the same time.

May I introduce you to:


Simba: nickname ‘Big Bear’. Simba is a Bulgarian cold-blood, 1.50m with a nice and round body. He has lovely swaying gates and does buck great-heartedly from time to time in canter.

Simba is the old boy of the group, he is about 25 years. Because of his light arthritis he has been promoted to ‘short distance horse’. But don’t count him out: on nice and soft grass he loves to outrun the others!

‘Simbim’ is the most cool-hearted of the lot and now and then I use him for a walk with an un-experienced rider. His nickname he owes to his plush winter-coat and his highly cuddly quality. In the summer he’s called ‘Glam-bim’, due to his shiny golden coat.


Shiva: nickname ‘Baby’. Shiva is 8 years of age, but hasn’t lost her cute baby-face.

Shiva is 1.46m and a Knabstrupper: her grey coat is covered by black spots. My favourite spot is the small heart on her bum.

Just as Simba, Shiva is foot-sure – they both have an excellent balance, even on unequal terrain. Shiva is very attentive, sometimes a bit spooked but also brave. She is an intelligent horse and likes to ‘click’ with someone who opens up to her.


Shakira: nickname ‘Madam’. To everyone who is in her company longer than 5 minutes that name won’t have to be explained! Shakira, 1.55m, is 12 years of age and mother of both Shiva and Zina. Also Knabstrupper,but … ink-black. The brand on her thigh shows that she’s admitted in the Knabstrupper studbook. Won’t that make you feel Madam?

Shakira is a typical alpha-mare, thus the leader of the group. With just a flick of her ear she makes the others give way respectfully. On the road this alpha character is slightly nervous: everything must always be under control. Sometimes she is so consumed by her surroundings that she stumbles over her own feet.

However, she is superfast in canter. Usually she is ridden by me. But for every good and experienced rider, she will be just a sweet little devil.


Zina: nickname ‘Goofy’. She is the second daughter of Shakira, but Zina has a Haflinger father. Her thick mane and tail give that away. Still young, 6 years, and full of spirit, love and….goofyness!

She just came within the group and has to find her place, but her uncomplicated character will certainly help her in this. On the road she is watchful but also loves each challenge and she’s a quick learner.


Maybe you want more than just the one week of horse-riding? Or on the other side – you don’t want to be on a horse for a whole week but do love active holidays? Then you could combine this activity with others like hiking, biking or sailing.

I cooperate with friends that own a sailing-company and with friends that offer arrangements for hiking and biking. They all can draw on years of experience on Corfu and are – apart from being experts on their terrains – very friendly and open people.

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