Double Fun!
Riding Holidays for Two

Corfu Island, Greece

Carolina's Holiday Horses: Double Fun!


Dear visitor, welcome to this site. Hopefully I will be welcoming you as well on Corfu and – after reading this information – welcoming you on the back of one of my faithful horses!

I offer horse-riding holidays on a small scale and ‘made to measure’ for intermediate and advanced rider-duets. Starting from one lovely day of riding until six days of horse-riding fun.

Apart from this I offer the possibility to combine the horse-riding with other activities as hiking, biking and sailing.

Last but not least I can arrange for you a nice place to stay and the hire of a car or scooter.

The Offer

My four ‘holiday horses’ live in their open stables and on their olive-tree fields in the north-west of Corfu. From the stables we would ride straight into the Greek country-side, with a variety of olive-trees, long-eared goats, small vineyards and views.

We can explore the old villages of Skripero and Doukades, where we can make a stop for coffee and sight-seeing.

Another outing on horse-back is a ride towards the donkey-rescue centre. This heart-warming and unique project runs with the big help of volunteers from different countries, who will gladly show us around.

We could have a drink on an evening-ride or enjoy a lunch-break with a view.

For those who don’t tire easily, the full day-ride towards a hidden lake might be appealing. Depending on the season, we can hopefully spot some rare wild birds.

Because we will never be more than three people, we are free to adjust each day to your personal wishes, riding-experience and the weather.

Most Importantly

the main goal is to give you a relaxed time on and around the horses,
to discover the island in a easy-going way but
NOT without a spirited gallop now and then!


Finally – myself. I am a horse-addict from the fifth year of my age and a Greece-addict as of twelve years.

At my previous residence Florina, a northern Greek province (also very much worth visiting!) I started working with horses on a professional base. Long (and sad) story short: the breeding-farm / riding-school went broke and I was left with two horses. The most sensible thing to do then was to sell them, but well….
So I decided that we just had to earn a living together! Gradually, another two horses joined my group.

I didn’t go to Greece with the intention of organizing horse-riding holidays, no –
the horses themselves have put me on this beautiful path!

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